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Getting Creative with Dixie Belle Patina Paint

Dixie Belle Patina Paint is a game changer!

Patina is Magic!

This is the most creative product in the Dixie Belle line. Most people have yet to unleash the creative potential of Patina Paint. It's a game changer. As a real picker, the first girl into the old barn kind of picker, we often find one fabulous metal treasures that have lost their lustre and their charm. These are my favorite things to Patina. More rust, combined with the blues and greens from Copper and Bronze creates incredible, beautiful results. 

Here's the secret: Ignore the rules.  Many Dixie Belle Coaches will tell you to use each spray color with certain patina paints. They would cringe if they watched me work. I break all of the rules. Watch for videos soon. 

Jonelle's tip: Use a paint brush to get patina paint to your project but use an old rag or bubble wrap or some other textured tool when spreading the paint. Nature doesn't have brush strokes so this technique will give you a more random, natural texture in the finished piece. Use the paint sparingly and let it be thick in some spots and thin in others. The movement of color will be awesome. 

Investing in Patina Paints will make your creative options soar! Whether you create beautiful things for your own use or for resale, Patina Paints will be worth it. We highly recommend buying our starter kit with all 3 colors of Paint AND both sprays so that you can experience the full effect of these awesome products. Get the Starter kit here.