How you paint will impact how far your paint goes. However, our experience has been that a quart of Dixie Belle paint will cover approximately 150 square feet. Estimate that an  8 ounce jar will cover at least 38 square feet and you can get about 75 square feet of coverage from 16 ounces of paint


Did you know that our Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint goes twice as far as regular acrylic paint? Depending on how you paint, you may even get more surface coverage (less if you are a heavy-handedpainter). A hutch which is 37” wide and 68”can easily be painted with an 8 jar of Dixie Belle 

Jonelle's Tip: Grab one of the awesome continuous spray bottles and keep it on hand. As you are painting, mist your work and spread the paint. It helps get rid of brush strokes and gives you great coverage with a lot less paint. This was one of the first and best tricks I learned.

How Much Paint Do I need?

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