I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the new stamps but having played with them a bit, Im in love!  I just had to wrap my creative mind around the possiblities. 

First, you can stamp on any surface from walls to papers and of course, furniture. Stamps arent just for scrapbooking in 2021. These are bigger format and lend themselves easily to all kinds of bigger projects.  Im eyeing a wall in my house for this "faux wallpaper" idea.

Second, get past the idea of ink pads. These stamps can  be used in any medium from paint and paste to all o four different colored waxes and mousses. If you can roll it on , you can stamp it off. 

Finally, they are as pretty as the featured object as they are a beautiful background to other elements.  They are simple and complex.  

So, its time we rethink our preconcieved ideas about stamps and unleash our creativity.  This is a welcome new addition to my creative playbox.