I first learned to decoupage when I was in 4H. I think my first project was Holly Hobby. No guessing my age now!  I always enjoyed the process but never really explored all of the potential of decoupage. 

This year, I took it to new levels on furniture, cabinets, and wall art. The Prima ReDesign mulberry tissues  captivated me, but so did fun smaller projects with beautiful napkins. 

2021 brings it yet another exciting level with the introduction of a clever new collection that presents the biggest decoupage tissue in the industry presented with 2 smaller papers to compliment your project. That gives us some creative options!

We're taking preorders so take a look at all of them.  In a time of constant uncertainly and constant insanity, our creative time is more important than ever. Follow along with The Pickers Palace and we'll keep showcasing awesome new things to feed your creative soul!