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Prep Work made Easy

We are  all for cutting corners to get projects done fast (and sometimes we're just super excited and dive in without planning) but we've got some horror stories to remind us why thats not always the best choice. If you have a piece thats been hidden away or abused (from grime to nicotine) or maybe a wood that will bleed through, prepping your piece with Dixie Bell products will make all of the difference. Give it a try and see why we changed the way we paint and save a lot of heartache in the process.


Paint Brushes

Why a good brush matters

We've used old brushes in the past and are guilty of using a favorite until the bristles fall out. But working with Dixie Belle brushes (made in the USA) was a game changer. From the feel in the hand to the responsiveness of the bristle, we quickly saw a difference our work. 


White Lightning

Cleans and preps for paint

When we find old furniture to update, it can be pretty grungy. Whether its cleaning the damage from a smokers home to grungy barn, White Lightning has never let us down. This stuff is fast and gets your piece ready to paint. 



Block odors and bleeding

Boss stands for Blocks Odor, Stains, Stops Bleed through. We find BOSS handy when we have Mahogany or Cherry Wood that would otherwise impact any paint color. It is available in Clear and White. This of this as a primer and odor blocker in one. Apply BOSS and allow to dry, then apply a second and dry.  Wait 1 hour, then paint with Dixie Belle Paint. Clean up is simple with soap and water.  


Mud in 3 colors

Playing with Mud is a good thing

  • Use Dixie Belle Mud to fill veneer, gouges, scrapes or even holes.

  • Use to make a raised stenciled embellishment to your piece.

  • After Dixie Belle Paint has dried, place a DBP stencil over your project and secure with adhesive or painters tape.

  • Using your mud spatula, spread the mud over your stencil. Simply scrape any excess back into your jar.

  • Gently remove your stencil. Now, you are left with an embellishment!

  • Spread Dixie Belle Mud over a flat surface and use stamps, leaves or even some burlap to create impressions and other interesting elements.

  • NEVER, never rinse the mud down your drain, clean utensils with baby wipes and throw away.

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