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You've painted that fabulous piece and you're ready for the finishing touches. We've got all kinds of ideas for that, but one of our absolute favorites is the decor transfers. Use just one piece or the whole thing - unleash your creativity. Transfers are really easy to use. Prima Re-Design transfers can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Apply to a clean, dry surface. We recommend at allowing at least 48 hours after painting.  

Each transfer has two sheets. One is the release paper and the other is a plastic sheet with the transfer. You will also find a wood applicator that you will use to rub your transfer on the surface. A credit card also works!  Keep the release paper attached while you experiment with the placement of your transfer

Ready? We pull back the release paper and place our transfer in position.  Once it touches, don't move it! Rub off the design using the enclosed wood stick or your credit card. Make sure the entire design is sticking to your project. Slowly lift the plastic sheet from one space. Has the transfer completely adhered to your project? If yes, keep going.  If no, lower the plastic and rub the area more. It will release.


Once the entire design has been transferred, make any touch ups desired and gently

smooth down any bubbles or design edges by rubbing gently with a soft cloth.  We will

sometimes gently sand edges or paint around the transfer to blend it into our project.

Experiment!  We seal our transfer on our project with Dixie Belle Products. Check them out here.

Jonelle's Tip: Work in clean areas and store your transfer someplace that is over 50 degrees.  I love to use elements from a transfer and rarely use the entire design. You'll see a mix and match in my work too. Layer flowers, turn things upside down, have them drape over edges. Use them in unexpected ways and unexpected places. 

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